Round Tower Churches


Hemblington All Saints

There are approximately 180 round tower churches in the UK. About 120 of them are located in Norfolk and 50 in Suffolk. These flint and mortar towers can be nearly 1000 years old - there are Anglo-Saxon and Norman examples. The principle reason for their predominance in East Anglia is thought to be the lack of large stone whereas flint lies around in plentiful quantity. When wealth and transport increased stone was imported and rectangular square towers constructed in East Anglia as elsewhere. There are many examples of enlarged churches, aisles and chancels added but the round tower retained. The following is a gallery of Norfolk and Suffolk round tower churches which I am adding to as time goes on. Locations are Norfolk except where stated. Currently in random order. My principle reference and heartily recommended is ‘Round Tower Churches of South East England’ by W. J. Goode (Round Tower Churches Society 1994). The pages are divided A-Z by Norfolk Parish and a page for Suffolk.

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