Evening Light, Coverack

The light scoops out meadows

Leaving hedgerows dark.


Under the horizon distant waves

Dance like children reluctant for

The late summer call to home

To tea, to bed.


Last boats return to the

Harbour’s granite embrace,

Pilchard-heavy nets long in memory

For these few remaining fishermen.

A living scavenged from the sea floor as

The crabs they now purvey.


Late gulls call raucous curfew and

Darting swallow transmute ‘to bats,  


The shades of the sun, long set, fade

From ochre to the faintest sea-shell pink.

Above the hill the bright cerulean sky 

Gives slowly to the velvet night and this

Dim setting for a jewel where light is

Eloquent and darkness mute.


 Simon Conner


June 2006 

© Simon Conner 2020